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Group & Team Coaching

Judy Feld has more than 25 years of successful experience working with corporations and organizations to design, implement and deliver customized group coaching. Group coaching in a virtual format is convenient, efficient and cost-effective, providing regularly scheduled coaching meetings that are interactive and dynamic, linking 5-15 participants real-time.

Coaching groups are drawn from employees of the same company or organization, with common goals, missions or functions, who may be geographically dispersed. Some examples of group participants are professionals in sales, human resources, customer service, operations. Team coaching is similar, with participants who work together or collaborate, in-person or virtually. Participants may represent a variety of functions and responsibilities.

Strategic alliances, the subject of our book SmartMatch Alliances, are an important component of our clients' strategies and an important part of the work we do together. This means we stay current with leading alliance trends and high-leverage opportunities.

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How does group coaching work?

  • In each meeting there is time for each group member to be coached on issues of mutual interest.

  • Goals and desired outcomes are determined by the group or team.

  • The coach is able to react and respond to participants' questions and requests.

  • There is a topic selected for each group session, with the time to vary by the needs of the group or team.

  • Each session will be different; there is no rigid agenda, curriculum or mold.

  • Group members benefits from the shared wisdom and best practices of their colleagues.

  • The confidentiality of the group will be maintained, with company management receiving general reports about the process.

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What outcomes can you expect from group coaching?

  • Participants will meet goals and achieve objectives more quickly than working on their own.

  • Group coaching sessions address obstacles along the way — with just-in-time coaching.

  • The Coach focuses on topics of common interest in the group, and the group works together to:

    • Improve communications skills

    • Accomplish stretch goals

    • Take actions focused on strengths

    • Improve productivity

    • Make commitments and provide accountability

    • Make better decisions

    • Improve leadership skills

    • Share powerful resources and networking

  • Group coaching supports high-functioning teams, and addresses complex environmental influences in organizations.

If you would like to receive additional information about group or team coaching contact Judy and indicate that you are interested in this topic.


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